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Hey there! I’m Erica Quinn, a mom of 3, a wife, a personal trainer and a nutrition and lifestyle coach.


I own a fab little personal training studio with my husband where I work with so many amazing women helping them use fitness as a part of life. 


Over the past 5 years I've become obsessed with menstrual cycle awareness, the female body and how it works from the inside out. Women are complex creatures and our menstrual cycle phases is not just a ‘period’, it is part of who we are, it dictates our moods and energies, not just at the end of every month, but throughout the whole monthly cycle!

Erica Quinn Lifestyle Coach

I have now become very passionate in teaching others what I have learned (still learning) and I want to empower women to literally ‘go with your own flow’ and learn how to work with the ebbs and flows of your menstrualcycle in order to utilize your ‘superpowers’. When I’m not obsessing about hormones and training others, you will find me either on the beach(my favourite place ever) or doing my own training. Training for me is a form of meditation I need itto keep me grounded and keep a good headspace. After a busy day of work, training and momduties I’m normally in bed my 9pm and I love it (bed is my second favourite place to be).You’ll rarely see me out of gym gear, I wear a pony tail 6 out of 7 days and I’m addicted to coffee Ican’t wait to get out of bed in the am just to press that button on my Nespresso, it’s like a littlewarm hug every morning.

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