Introducing The Challenge

Fit Woman

How The Challenge Works

This program is female-specific and diet and exercise are 100% part of the challenge but, your menstrual cycle and your hormone balance need to be looked at first.

You will receive a workbook detailing how to get to know your cycle and how to train, eat and rest
(guilt-free) with each phase of your cycle. This will be your building block for before getting the actual workouts done.

For your workouts –

You will receive pre-recorded videos with workouts specific to each phase of your cycle the intensity
will work with the ebbs and flows of your own cycle.

They will be broken down into 4 phases


  • Phase 1 is for days 1-7 of your cycle

  • Phase 2 is for days 8-14 of your cycle

  • Phase 3 is for days 15-21 of your cycle

  • Phase 4 is for days 21-28 of your cycle