The Model of The Challenge

Women Stretching

This model is based off a regular 28day cycle for ease but you will learn to adjust the program to your own cycle whether it be 25 days or 35 days.

Month 1 you will start the challenge in relation to the phase of the cycle you are in.

If you are on day 16 of your cycle you will use workouts from phase 3, then move to phase 4, phase 1
and phase 2 – this will become clearer as you learn more in your workbook. It’s all about where you are in your cycle not about having to start on phase 1.

The workouts are homebased so no gym is needed, all you need is a space, mat, set of small weights,
a glute band and max 30 mins. No workout is the same so you will have lots of variety in your program.

There will be Dumb Bell weighted workouts where you will focus on strength and resistance. In the follow-along videos, I perform a demonstration of each exercise and complete the first round with you, you will then complete rounds 2 and 3.

The HIIT workouts will help you work on cardio fitness and calorie burn, in these videos I complete the workout with you.


You will also get some Glute workouts to not only help build and shape your bum but will also help improve your hip joints and strengthen up your lower back, in these videos, I complete one round with you and you are free to do as many rounds as you can, I really encourage everyone to prioritise your glute work each week.

These workouts are made for you to keep and re-do on repeat for 3 months, each quarter of the year I will launch a completely new set of workouts, menstrual education, and nutritional tools on the site for you to purchase, by the end of the year you will have access to a library of workouts where you can pick and mix to suit your cycle, energies and whatever phase of life you are in.

This is really a year-long challenge that will empower you to become the best version of yourself!


The moment you join up you will get instant access to the workouts, workbook, meal plan & recipe book. You will also have an option to join a private Facebook group where there will be weekly support from myself and all the other fab ladies who are part of this amazing community.