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“Are you over 30, and still trying to understand how your own body works? Are you struggling every month with energy dips, mood swings, and PMS?"

If this sounds like you, click on the video below and learn how you can 

Take back control of your own body, energy, nutrition, training, and LIFE!!
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You know how important it is to start your fitness & health journey but just can’t find the right motivation to just get going?

You lack energy no matter how much sleep you get?

You sometimes feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed?

You find it difficult to relax or feel guilty when you relax and do nothing?

You don’t know how your hormones or menstrual cycle actually work?

You want to press reset, gain back control, balance your hormones, reduce stress, increase energy and feel like you again?

You would like to learn more on how to live, train and eat in harmony with the ebbs and flow of your menstrual cycle?

If you are feeling one or more of these just know you are not alone !!

Erica Quinn

I am a working mom of 3 who just turned 40 and I understand everything you are feeling, from overwhelm, stress, anxiety, low energy and not knowing where to start!!


I too was struggling with my training, my food and simple day-to-day tasks felt overwhelming, until I found the missing link – and that ladies was knowledge!!! Knowledge about my own body, my hormones and my menstrual cycle!!


Once I finally understood that my menstrual cycle is not just for fertility but also plays a massive role in how I feel, my energy, my moods and my cravings. I was then able to gain back control over how I train, how I eat and how I live.


Over the past 5 years I have researched and educated myself on everything nutrition, training, hormones, menstrual cycles and how we as women can use these too our advantage in our weight loss and health goals. Now I am ready to empower you with the exact same tools I used to get me into the fittest and happiest I have ever been!!

Introducing The

Empowerment Cycle Method

In the Empowerment Cycle Method, I will provide you with the knowledge needed to adapt how you eat, exercise, and live in response to how your own body’s natural cycles, rhythms, and hormones change, week to week, month to month, and in your lifetime.

You will learn how to work with your hormonal strengths and utilise your superpowers in each phase of your cycle.

As women we are not the same every day, biology is happening and once we become more aware of this our hormones actually become our biggest asset in everyday life.

How The

This ‘EC’ Method is female-specific, diet and exercise are 100% part of this program but, your menstrual cycle and hormones will play a massive part in your success and results.


I find that if we do not understand our own menstrual cycle and how it impacts us on a daily basis we can constantly battle with, weight, hormones, and stress-related issues.




Well, we have two very important hormones that work together ebbing and flowing throughout the month – Oestrogen which is our energy hormone, and progesterone which is our calming hormone. In a normal 28 day cycle both of these hormones ebb and flow, rise and fall, and impact how we feel, our energy, moods, and performance in our training. If we are unaware of where we are in our cycle or what level our hormones are at we can cause stress in the body!

Stress ladies is one of the main causes of weight-related and hormonal issues.

In this program, you will learn how to reduce stress from your day to day diet & exercise routine as you follow my step by step workouts which reduce or increase with intensity depending on where you are in your cycle, working out with the ebbs a flow of your natural hormones will help reduce the amount of cortisol you produce which may help reduce your stress levels both mentally and physically!!

When we reduce stress we can help balance our hormones and reach our weight loss & fitness goals!

I Give You Everything You Need For Success

Over the next 90 Days you will have access to:

Train with your cycle workbook -

Food For Mood Guide
With 7 Day Meal Plan

You can follow exactly or use as a cheat sheet to guide you to make your own substitutions from the recommended foods list. 

You will learn to choose your foods so you can adjust according to your menstrual cycle phases.


No counting calories! You will understand how to use macronutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates) to make your food choices and balance blood sugars.


  • The program features beneficial foods that bring out the best in you.  

  • Hormone-friendly foods that are good for digestion and banishing the bloat. 


Healing foods. I tell you the best foods to eat for your health and why. 

Cycle 2  Training workbook - (1).png

Cheat Sheets

Key tips to stay on track such as:


  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Stress Management

  • Exercise & Movement

Weekly Motivational Support

  • As your coach, I want to help you make permanent positive changes in your life, and I will share all the tools I have learned to help you achieve this. 

  • I am always accessible to answer any questions.

Facebook Group

  • You can join for support and accountability & to support others in our community.

  • I communicate with the group weekly providing tips and information and answering questions.

  • Throughout the program I provide information that covers all aspects of hormonal health including exercise and lifestyle management.

Monthly Workouts

  • You will have the flexibility to work out when and where you can. At home, at the gym, on holiday and at a time that suits YOUR schedule.

  • 66 workouts with demo and follow along videos.


In this signature system I have created 3 types of workouts


  • Strength & Core

  • Glutes

  • HIIT 


And Finally!!
Hormone Reset & Training Guide

  • As a certified nutritional & lifestyle coach I focus on getting women real results and address the issues that have prevented you from getting results in the past.

  • I have created a guide on hormones just for clients and I provide constant info throughout the program.


All This Is Worth Over €400

Copy of TEMPLATE The Ultimate Workbook - Promo Graphic  BIZSISTER.COM (3).png


For Lifetime Access


What you get:

 66 pre-recorded workouts

 Workbooks to help you understand

& Track your cycle

 Nutrition Meal Plans & Guidance

Monthly Check-ins

Facebook Group


  • Lack of energy sometimes to even go for a walk

  • Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that stop you from reaching your goals

  • Irregular cycles that cause you to have mood swings and PMS

  • You constantly feel bloated, tired and unmotivated

  • You’re frustrated. And you should be. You’re doing the right things, but you’re not getting the right results, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s even worth it.


I Totally Get It
I've Been There Too!

  • I was eating all the “healthy” foods (or at least I thought)

  • I was doing crazy workouts, lifting heavy and not recovering

  • I lacked energy for the day to day tasks

  • I had feelings of anxiety, mini depressions and over all sadness

  • I suffered with digestive issues, bloat and discomfort


I'm Erica Quinn, creator of the EMPOWERMENT CYCLE.


I am a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer.


 I have been training women for over 5 years now and I have always been interested in how their hormones, menstrual cycles work, and how they struggled because they couldn't get the results they wanted.

Regardless of what program they followed, they were not seeing results.

They couldn't lose weight,

they were tired and they were bloated.

They came to me looking for

answers and asked:

How I got the results they where looking for?


The Answer:
Understanding My Menstrual Cycle

  • I created this program because of my own experience. Most women are suffering from hormonal imbalance and don't even know it. The wrong foods, the wrong amount and type of exercise, and stress all contribute. To make matters worse, if you don't have the right strategies, you stay in a constant state of imbalance.

  • Did you know that as women age, our nutrition needs change as does our body's response to exercise?

  • My program combines effective strategies with nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and fitness.

  • I provide the guidance and information you need to adopt healthy habits and transform your lifestyle while still enjoying your life!  

  • I know how hard it is to fit a fitness routine into a busy life.

  • I am also a mom with a busy schedule, so I don't have time for complicated programs. I created this program to help women looking for a long term solution  

  • I am with you, every step of the way and I provide weekly information on fitness, hormones, foods and lifestyle.

  • I will take the weight of what you need to do next off of your plate so you can simply enjoy the journey.

Erica Quinn

This Isn't Some Fad Diet

This is a lifestyle that will give you real, sustainable, long term results.

Are you ready to say 'Yes' to yourself?


Sign up today for lifetime access

at just €80 one time payment


Don't worry I'm with you every step of the way! 

You have access to my full support!

I personally help every client & answer all questions.

P.S. The Empowerment Cycle is proven to teach you more about yourself than you ever have before. And in fact, I’m so confident of this

that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is...

Empowerment Cycle Works or It's FREE

You’ve got a full 14 days to try out this method for free. Download today, read/view/watch every page/component. Try out the method. If you’re not absolutely convinced this is the best way to for you, just email me within 14 days for a complete and prompt refund.

This is a RISK FREE Offer

Get Started For ONLY €80 

Feedback from happy members...

What Other Members Had To Say.....
























































‘Thanks and thank you so much for this program, I really am enjoying it even though some days I find it hard to get motivated to do the workouts I always free great after I do them. Energy is low this week as coming up to my period but loving that I know why I am lacking motivation and that it is ok to rest and I don’t always have to push myself or feel guilty if I don’t do a workout.’ Diane M.


‘I'm enjoying the workouts and defo starting to feel more comfortable in my clothes and that. I love the idea of the kind of tick the box program it motivates me! I probably haven't been the best at cycle tracking but do love the less intense workouts coming near a period. I feel I’m getting stronger which is great and delighted to be hitting all areas rather than just walking or running which was what I was doing beforehand.’ Susan C.


‘My periods are becoming so regular, nearly bang on 28 days! Unheard of for me! Plus I'm only bleeding for around 3 to 4 days which is unbelievable normally I'd be 5 to 7 days and I literally drag myself through that week. I haven't had a migraine since the 4th of February! I had been getting anything from 1 to 4 a month so I'm hoping this has changed forever!!!’ Avril C.


‘I have gone from 70kg to 63.6kg, since January. Pain and Mood - it appears to be bad at ovulation, the energy dives. I had about one hour of bleeding this cycle. The low energy, brain fog, and pain, as per Phase One notes. Thank you for doing this, as it has provided an insight into moods, pain, foods and not too feel guilty anymore.’ Amy C.


‘The workouts are brilliant and are such a great variety and ya know yourself there are so many days you don’t want to do them but then feel a million times better when they are done and energy levels shoot up. On low energy days, I often struggled with HIIT workouts but I just cursed you hehe and put on the tunes to get me through haha De McC.


‘Stop! I owe you so much you have literally changed my life! Since you told me about my histamine levels raising around ovulation haven’t suffered any of the old effects(anxiety, palpitations, emotional mood swings) as I’ve been prepared and taken antihistamines. I will happily take a few cramps anyway of the week. I’m still journaling every day too so learning so much about my body. I am so, so grateful for you x.’ Edel C.


‘Such a difference today compared to last week, not so much energy I feel so fluffy it just shows the phase I’m at and I’m obviously ovulating but I feel ok with that now whereas before I would have been so pis*ed off but I know now it's just my body doing what it has to do right now – thank you so much for all this knowledge because it truly is helping.’ Avril K.


‘What I really enjoy about this type of exercise is that every day/exercise be it Dumbbells or hit is different and Erica explains why you are feeling like you have no energy etc and makes it acceptable for you to have a rest day or not push yourself too hard or be too hard on yourself when your body doesn’t have the hormones needed to support you.’ Jennifer B.


‘Thank you Erica for being the best inspiration, teacher, trainer, and amazing supportive friend to us all and bringing this program into our lives. It’s amazing, only 3 weeks into the program and I understand so much more about how my body works. It’s very interesting! Can’t wait to learn more.’ Christine D.


‘I love the Facebook page and the help, support, and encouragement from you and the other girls really spur you on so thank you so much. Majella McH.

‘Best thing I did! Absolutely love my workouts, although I did call you the devil woman on more than one occasion this morning !! But workouts are totally manageable & I actually enjoy them which is a first for me. I love how real you are in them, you can see when you are feeling the burn with us which is great & like usual videos. I love the challenge and support from yourself and the other ladies’ in the group.’ Sarah.T




Are you ready to put yourself first?  Are you ready to give yourself permission to put your needs before everyone else for once? Are you ready to dive into a program that will teach you solid principles based on the science of how our bodies work?  

This means you’ll be working WITH your body, not against it, which means you can’t help but succeed.

Are you ready for a better way?  I know you are! It’s time to stop dieting and start living so you can feel amazing, look amazing, and do amazing things.  

Great things are in store, and I’m so excited to see you succeed! Let’s get started!

Get Started Today For ONLY €80 

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